'Off Period Poverty'


‘Off Period Poverty’ Program aims to reduce period poverty; as menstruators still lack access to menstrual products, awareness, hygiene facilities and waste management - which gets amplified in a financially underprivileged family having multiple menstruators.

Onpery® is reducing period poverty, by making reusable menstrual products (with a few proprietary designs) accessible regularly at a subsidized price, at local centres in the (adopted) financially underprivileged communities.

Onpery® provides (donated) sustainable menstrual products to Oneform Foundation. Oneform Foundation adopts communities consisting of financially underprivileged menstruators and makes sustainable menstrual products accessible at a subsidized price at a local centre.

Program designed by:
Oneform Foundation

Adopted Communities

Oriya Village, Churchu Block, Hazaribagh, Jharkhand, India

Products supplier:


Awareness materials supplier:


Community management and implementation party:

Oneform Foundation (OfF)


Financially underprivileged menstruators (in the adopted communities).


Communities of financially underprivileged menstruators, who are in common geography, workplaces, associated with common art-tradition activities, or in common academic institutions.

Local informal distributor:

A designated local medical center, shop, or group in the community.

Revenue Donation (2.8%)

Onpery® donates 2.8% of net profit from every product sale, on an annual basis, toward the proprietary program dedicated to reducing period poverty.

Special Package (for Social Outreach)

  • Name: 'Buy 1, Subsidize 1 - Pack'
  • Products: Onpery® absorbent underwears & (reusable/disposable) (certified) cloth napkins

Onpery® offers an additional ‘special package’ called ‘Buy 1, Subsidize 1’ on the selective product(s), under which one half of the package is shipped to the customer, and another half is donated to a social outreach partner who further provides the product(s) to financially underprivileged menstruator(s) at a subsidized price (and not free, to maintain the dignity of the beneficiaries).

5 Pillars of the Program

For 'adaptability' of menstrual products [Rural]

1. Product Usability

Reusable absorbent underwears & (reusable/disposable) (certified) cloth napkins - with user-friendly designs on usability (easier to use), ergonomics & comfort.

2. Awareness

User-friendly, informative & engaging awareness materials are available for free and instantaneously.

3. Affordability

Products at a subsidized rate, sponsored by:

  • 2.8% donation of net profit from every product sale by Onpery®.
  • 'Buy 1, Subsidize 1' special package offering of Onpery®.
  • Individual/ institutional donations.

4. Accessibility

Local informal distributor:

  • Medical centres
  • Shops
  • SHGs

Option 1: Municipal Waste Collection & Management

To make a meaningful impact, the waste need to be collected and disposed of (incinerated or buried) by government (municipal) bodies.

(Any private entity doing collection and disposal of the same is having its limitation and is largely ineffective.)

Option 2: Clinics

The waste can be dumbed into waste/garbage bins at medical clinics/centers, from where it will be managed as medical waste.

Option 3: Burial

The menstrual products that have the majority materials as organic materials - can be buried/composted in community/personal waste pits.

A documentary film on the program is under-production.