Reducing period poverty!


Creating well-being literacy!


Innovative user-centric products

for easy adaption of sustainable menstruation

India's 1st size-adjustable period underwear

India's 1st utility patent-applied menstrual cup & disc

India's 1st fully free (A.V.) graphic novel on well-being

India's 1st utility patent-applied (form-based) reusable napkin

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Documentary Film

Ladeej Problem?

A documentary film showcasing the journey of a community adapting sustainable menstrual practices in India, for the first time primarily through reusable period underwear.

Film Page

Making discharges stress-free


The #OnPeriodIncharge hashtag is about menstruators experiencing comfort and being stress-free about any form of their sudden or frequent discharges from the vulva, particularly when outdoors, by the usage of absorbent underwear.


for pre-menstrual days & menarche (1st menstruation)


Award-winning Brand

BIRAC, DBT, Govt. of India 2020
UNDP Accelerator Lab India 2020
Youth Co:Lab India (UNDP India & NITI Aayog) 2021
India’s Best Design Project 2021
CII Design Excellence Award 2021
Lexus Design Award India 2022