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Making menstruation green & menstrual products inclusive.

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• 5% revenue donated to social cause

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"I have tried cups of other brands but Onpery is by far the most comfortable cup. I don't feel like I am on my period!"

Soumya Pradhan

"After visiting a gynecologist I discovered that I had a tilted uterus. Whichever cups I have used in the past never worked out for me except Onpery. I faced zero discomfort and leakages during my period."

Sonam Shukla

"I have used cups from two other brands in the past but always experienced pain using them. After researching on my own I realised that I have a low cervix. Onpery's design suits me and I have been recommending it to everyone!'

Prachi Talesara

"My main concern was related to insertion, removal and I had a fear of leakage but I was easily able to insert it without any pain. It sits really well."

Gauri Rajmane

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