At Onpery, we want to extend sustainable hygiene as far and wide as possible. We aim to achieve through menstrual hygiene awareness and spread of sustainable products.



Onpery believes in the spirit of giving as much as its happy customers

When you donate a cup(s) through our portal, we will match the number and send out an equal number of cups for twice the impact. Who doesn't love a 2 for 1 deal?

Adopt a Cycle

Through out platform, you can take a pledge to  support an underprivileged menstruator for their life but donating 3 cups. We will send you a profile of the person whose life you've impacted.


If you are an NGO

If you share our passion for sustainable hygiene, reach out to us and well have our products made available  to you at a very low rate. We'll provide the products, you provide the guidance and reach