About Onpery®

Onpery® is an innovative sustainable menstrual hygiene brand by an SDGs centric design company called Care Form Labs Private Limited.

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In 2018 the team was redesigning a sanitary napkin incinerator for a college project. This was first time exposure to a couple of cisgender menin the group toward the issues related to menstrual hygiene. While conducting surveys, the team realized that most of the menstruators felt restricted (movement, finance) & uncomfortable during their cycle. During this course, the team got exposed to the concept of menstrual cups, which is perhaps the most sustainable, hygienic & economical option for the majority of menstruators. However, many menstruators particularly South Asians, find it confusing/intimidating to use. Hence, the team coming from the background of design and creatives took up this brief & redesigned the menstrual cup. The Onpery® menstrual cup was launched on 8 March 2021 (International Women's Day).

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Future Plan

We aim to make Onpery® a global sustainable menstrual hygiene brand by solving problems related to discomfort, finance & accessibility for menstruators. Sanitary waste is an ongoing issue for decades & there is limited knowledge regarding it amongst the masses. Due to this reason, we decided to launch the Onpery® Menstrual Cup as the first product. We will be expanding the product portfolio to achieve our mission. We have concluded the product development stage & are exploring ways to spread awareness about the innovative design amongst potential users.

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Hiya Banerjee, Co-Founder and Director (Advertising and Marketing)
XIC, Mumbai | PDEU, Gandhinagar

Pramod Priya Ranjan, Co-Founder and Director (Product Innovation)
IIT, Delhi | MIT ID, Pune

Nachiket Thakur, Co-Founder and Director (Design Outreach)
IIT, Mumbai | Pune University

Shreya Yengul, Design Lead
MIT ID, Pune