About Onpery®


Onpery® is an innovative sustainable (green) menstrual brand, by a design company called Care Form Labs Private Limited.



Pramod Priya Ranjan was working on a live project regarding redesigning locally installed sanitary napkin incinerator, while he was in third year of Bachelors of Design. The project was mentored by Dr. Nachiket Thakur. Tough the team, cracked the design but they felt that the incinerator at local level might not be the direct or ideal solution to the actual problem. At the same time the team came to know about menstrual cup, which is perhaps the most sustainable, economical and hygienic menstrual product. But the team also understood that it is not being very much used among Indian menstruators, as many menstruators found it intimidating and uncomfortable. At the same time, while talking with menstruators, the team realized that due to issues related to menstrual cycle, there is a gender inequality. All these factors, motivated the team to take this as a challenge and redesigned the menstrual cup to cater to the need, desire and ergonomics of Indian menstruators.


Core Team:

Pramod Priya Ranjan:

Founder and Director, Care Form Labs Pvt. Ltd. (Onpery®)
M.Des. IIT, Delhi; Alumni MIT ID, Pune

Dr. Prof. Nachiket Thakur

Co-Founder and Director, Care Form Labs Pvt. Ltd. (Onpery®)
Alumni IDC IIT, Mumbai; Pune University

Shreya Yengul

Design Lead, Care Form Labs Pvt. Ltd. (Onpery®)
Alumni MIT ID, Pune