ओनपेरी® के बारे में

ओनपेरी® एक स्थायी उद्देश्य-संचालित प्रीमियम हेल्थकेयर ब्रांड है, जो उत्पाद अनुकूलनशीलता, पहुंच, सामर्थ्य और डोमेन जागरूकता में नवाचार के साथ - योनी से सभी प्रकार के डिस्चार्ज की सेवा करता है।

Onpery® is presented by Care Form Labs Pvt Ltd.

Onpery® offers:

  • Graphical (hard copies of novel and video series) on children's wellness (like in the domain of menstruation, reproduction, management of physical safety, emotional safety and gender sensitivity, among others); and 
  • Innovative easier-to-use reusable menstrual products.

Why did a male start a menstrual health venture?

Purpose and Vision

The purpose of the organization and founders is to ‘(re)design’ social systems & implement them selectively - either by service (for clients or partners) or in-house self-initiated projects that can be made into ventures - of the domains that are fundamental to society's working and structure, such as [VISION] people can live a dignified and sustainable (people, social, economic & eco-friendly) life.