Money-Back Guarantee

100% refund, if the consumer is not able to use the product after purchase. 

If the consumer wants the 100% refund on the purchase, considering that the person is not using the product, then one has to email the same at ‘onpery@careformlabs.com’ or fill a ‘Refund Form’ available on the Policy / Refund page of the Onpery’s website, within 50 days of making the purchase.

• This doesn't include the transportation cost.
• This is only applicable to B2C channels. Not for B2B, B2G and similar channels.

In the email or the form, one has mandatorily share the following details:
a. Consumer name from which purchase was made
b. Consumer email id or phone number from which purchase was made
c. Invoice number
d. Product image showing that product is cut into two different parts.


Revenue Donation

25% of the revenue will be donated for 'Onpery® Care' initiative (that is about providing free green menstrual products to financially underprivileged menstruators), from the sale of Onpery® Menstrual Cup.