उपयोगकर्ता और अन्य हितधारकों के अनुकूल, किसी भी समय और कहीं भी पहुंच के लिए ग्राफिक उपन्यासों और इसके मुफ्त एवी (ऑडियो-वीडियो कथन) के माध्यम से समृद्ध और आकर्षक जागरूकता प्रदान करना - शारीरिक परिवर्तनों (जैसे यौवन, मासिक धर्म स्वास्थ्य प्रबंधन, स्वच्छता, स्वास्थ्य और सुरक्षा) पर। ढंग।

Onpery Graphical currently has two novels:

  • Onpery's PeriodRoom™ novel on menstruation, discharges, reproduction and body development.
  • Onpery's SafeRoom™ novel on managing physical safety, emotional safety and gender sensitivity.

Note: Onpery Academy initiative is NOT A REPLACEMENT of any ongoing program/initiative/project, but a set of offerings that can be implemented in any ongoing/existing program/initiative/project to INCREASE THE EFFECTIVENESS of its expected impact.

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Schools, donors and impact organizations may connect at onpery@careformlabs.com or on WhatsApp to discuss this further.

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Audio-Video (A.V.) Narrations

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faced by schools (their teachers and staff) and guardians:


Lack of communication materials and friendly methodology to talk about sensitive topics with children.

Hesitant to talk

Teachers and guardians are hesitant to directly talk about sensitive topics directly with their children.

How to follow ‘Draft National Menstrual Hygiene Policy, 2023’?

Schools may lack alignment with the policy strategy in ‘Draft National Menstrual Hygiene Policy, 2023’.

Blood Spotting

In the case of blood spotting, usually schools just provide outerwear and sanitary napkins but no innerwear. In such a scenario, the menstruator has to attach the napkin to the wet blood-spotted underwear which is highly uncomfortable and doesn’t solve the spotting concerns completely.


4.4 Promotion of education and awareness on menstrual hygiene

4.4.1 Awareness campaigns targeting menstruators to provide accurate information including options of products available, debunk myths and misconceptions and address social and gender-related challenges associated with menstruation.

4.4.2 Conduct awareness campaigns to sensitize communities, parents, teachers and other stakeholders about menstrual hygiene, encouraging open dialogue and fostering a supportive environment that eliminates stigma and discrimination.

4.4.3 Integrate material on menstrual hygiene into the school education curricula. The existing School Health and Wellness Programme is an excellent platform for the same.

4.4.4 Studies on effective strategies and approaches to menstrual hygiene education/awareness in educational institutions and communities, including curriculum development and pedagogical methods.”


Certificate of Appreciation being presented to Principal, G.D. Goenka Public School Ranchi by Pramod, Co-Founder of Onpery®.