About Onpery®

Onpery® is an innovative sustainable (green) menstrual brand, by Care Form Labs Private Limited. Onpery® is on a mission to make menstruation green and menstrual products inclusive.


• Soft-launched India's first indigenous (designed-in-India) patent-applied menstrual cup.
• Soft-launched India's first detachable modular period underwear.
• Enabled a village in Hazaribagh to be India’s first village to adopt green (sustainable) menstruation from the product reusable period underwear.
• India's first brand to solely focus and cater to entire range of green (sustainable) menstrual products. (a few products in pipeline)

Problem Statement

Out of a total of 35.5 crore menstruating women in India, less than 20% have access to standard menstrual products. In urban areas, this number only goes up to 52%, indicating that nearly half of even urban-based women use unhygienic methods for period protection, making them vulnerable to health issues. 

The percentage of menstruators who have access to standard menstrual products, mostly use non-biodegradable disposable sanitary napkins which if dumped in the ground take 500-800 years to decompose or if burned then produce toxic gases. 

The reusable internal and external menstrual products have problems with usability and comfort. For many menstruators, biodegradable disposable menstrual products are not economical. 


Onpery® - (1) redesigned the ‘reusable and sustainable (green)’ menstrual products to improve its user experience of usability and comfort such as maximum menstruators can easily adopt green menstrual products, and also to (2) design systems (initiatives) such as to make the products inclusive.