100% Money-back Guarantee

‘100% money-back guarantee’ is applicable on the following product(s), which can be claimed by customers (*individual, *D2C, *limited quality) who are not satisfied with the product(s), purchased only from the brand website.

Products covered

  • Reusable menstrual cup
  • Reusable menstrual disc

Process to ask for a refund?

Email the following mandatory details and attachment(s) at onpery@careformlabs.com, asking for a refund:

  • Order/invoice number
  • Customer name
  • Bank account details (account name, account number & IFSC code)
  • Image(s) of product(s) cut into two parts.


Claim period

Claim for the refund has to be made within 90 days of purchase of the product(s).

Product image(s)

It is mandatory to completely cut the product into two parts and share the image(s) in the email while claiming for the refund.

Purchase platform

The product(s) should have been purchased by an individual in a limited quality (not more than 5) only from the brand website, and not from any other offline or online marketplace.

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