Off Period Poverty program aims to reduce period poverty through a community adoption model, where the desired menstrual products by the community are made accessible regularly at an affordable price through a local centre within the community.

AIC-MIT ADT Incubator Forum (supported by Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog, Government of India and hosted by MIT Art, Design and Technology University), Oneform Foundation and Care Form Labs Pvt Ltd raises and manages the funds regarding CSR projects.

Oneform Foundation adopts the communities and manages the Off Period Poverty program.

Onpery® (Care Form Labs Pvt Ltd) supports the program through its innovative product portfolio and graphical literature on well-being.

Adopted Communities

Oriya Village, Churchu Block, Hazaribagh, Jharkhand, India
[More communities are currently being adopted as the program grows]

Products supplier:


Awareness materials supplier:


Community management and implementation party:

Oneform Foundation


Financially underprivileged menstruators (in the adopted communities).


Communities of financially underprivileged menstruators, who are in common geography, workplaces, associated with common art-tradition activities, or in common academic institutions.

Local informal distributor:

A designated local medical center, shop, or group in the community.

Fund-raising and fund-management:

AIC-MIT ADT Incubator Forum (supported by Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog, Government of India and hosted by MIT Art, Design and Technology University).

ASK FROM C.S.R. & Donors

C.S.R. and donors can sponsor the innovative easier-to-use Onpery® menstrual products for the Off Period Poverty program and towards the program's scale and management.

Reach out to Onpery® at

Documentary Film

Ladeej Problem?

A documentary film showcasing the journey of a community adapting sustainable menstrual practices in India, for the first time primarily through reusable period underwear.

Film Page

5 Pillars of the Program

For 'adaptability' of menstrual products [among underprivileged communities]

1. Product Usability

Reusable menstrual products - with user-friendly designs on usability (easier to use), ergonomics & comfort.

2. Awareness

Informative & engaging awareness materials, largely in the form of graphical.

3. Affordability

Products at a subsidized rate, sponsored by:

  • Individual/ institutional sponsorship.

  • 2.8% donation of net profit from every product sale by Onpery®.
  • 'Buy 1, Subsidize 1' policy of Onpery®.
Policy Page

4. Accessibility

Local informal distributor:

  • Medical centres
  • Shops
  • SHGs

Option 1: Municipal Waste Collection & Management

To make a meaningful impact, the waste need to be collected and disposed of (incinerated or buried) by government (municipal) bodies.

(Any private entity doing collection and disposal of the same has its limitations.)

Option 2: Clinics

The waste can be dumbed into waste/garbage bins at medical clinics/centers, from where it will be managed as medical waste.

Option 3: Burial

The menstrual products that have the majority materials as organic materials - can be buried/composted in community/personal waste pits.


To sponsor, one may connect at or on WhatsApp.

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