Types of Folds

Unlike tampons, a cup needs to be folded before insertion. There are lots of ways one can do this and there is no need to panic if a popular method does not work in your favour. The reason behind so many folds is that anatomy differs from one person to another.

Here are 2 of the easiest ways you can do it.

1. U-Fold:

The most common way and probably the most effective method of folding your cup. Hold the cup with both hands and fold it in such a way where both of your thumbs meet. Now push the cup to flatten it so that it creates the U shape.

2. Punch Down Fold:

The ideal fold for those who find insertion difficult due to a smaller cervix and great when you’re in a hurry to get somewhere. Hold the cup at the base with your left hand and place the index finger on your right hand to push the rim down inside the base. Now use your left hand to push to push the sides together and hold it firmly.