Rural Community


Step 1

Funds is collected / allocated from Individual-Donation / CSR / Grants / Government Scheme.

If funded by any Institute, then it tells us about the Rural Community to which Onpery™ Menstrual Cup has to be provided.

If funded by Individual-Donation, then (Care Form Labs Private Limited – Onpery™) identify the Rural Community to which Onpery™ Menstrual Cup can be provided.

Institutional Donation goes to account of ‘AIC – MIT ADT Incubator Forum, Pune’ a Section-8 Non-Profit Company, supported by AIM, NITI Aayog, New Delhi.

Individual Donation goes to the account of Care Form Labs Private Limited.

Step 2

If we have approached then we, otherwise the Donor Institute reach out the Local Governing Body (Gram Panchayat / Anganwadi Workers / Asha Worker) of the Rural Community and let them know about Onpery™ Initiative (of making sustainable menstrual hygiene Accessible and Comfortable for all) and the value of Onpery™ Menstrual Cup.

• Switching to Healthy and Comfortable menstrual hygiene practice.
• Female in an Academic Institution or any Workplace (like Farm, Office, etc.) don’t need to go to washroom or any private place frequently to change the Sanitary Pad like earlier and can stay care-free for up to 8-10 hours with Onpery™ Menstrual Cup. The person can come back home and then clean the Cup.
• Unlike Reusable Sanitary Napkins which female need to wash and hang in open air to let it dry (usually under some another cloth to hide as a practice), now don’t need to do so. The person can simply remove the Cup when full, wash it again and wear it Instantly (since Cup doesn’t absorb the blood, but collects it).
• Very Economical. (1 Cup = 10 INR ≈ 5 years ≈ 750 Napkins)

Step 3 (optional)

One of our Knowledge Partner reach out to the Administration of the Local Governing Body (Gram Panchayat / Anganwadi Workers / Asha Worker) and conducts a Session on Menstrual Hygiene, mostly offline depending on the availability and other factors.

Step 4

We provide Onpery™ Menstrual Cup and some Communication Materials to the Local Governing Bodies (Gram Panchayat / Anganwadi Workers / Asha Worker), to further distribute it to as well as create awareness among the potential users in the Community at following price, for a particular period.

• 10 INR per unit



Care Form Labs Private Limited (Onpery™) reserve rights to make modifications to the structure of social initiatives without any prior update to any party; and open to any modifications / changes on case-to-case basis.