'Onpery Grant'


‘Onpery Grant’ program is to provide financial grants to college students for the promotion of sustainable menstrual products among people in their college/ university, by designing a strategy and implementing the same.

Jointly initiated by:
Onpery® (Care Form Labs Pvt Ltd), and
Oneform Foundation


Cohort 1

  • Application period: 2nd October 2023 to 30th November 2023.
  • Grant amount: Up to 25,000 INR per grantee.
  • Cohort 1 intake: 5 grantees.
  • Duration: Up to 4 months. (The starting date is flexible and may vary for each grantee.)
  • Eligibility: Students; of any gender; from 1st to 3rd year of their bachelor’s (UG) academia.
  • Mode: Grantee will have to work from their academic campus. No fixed hours. Weekly meetings.
  • Project report: A ~10-page project report has to be submitted at the end of the engagement.
  • Sources: All desired communication materials, product samples, expertise and other resources will be provided by Onpery team, as required.
  • Reporting: Founders office of Onpery®.
  • Reward: Certificate, experience letter (in the domain of social responsibilities), grant amount & merchandise.

How to apply?

Apply through the online application form.

For any queries, reach out at the email or WhatsApp.



The #OnPeriodIncharge hashtag is about menstruators experiencing comfort and being stress-free about any form of their sudden or frequent discharges from the vulva, particularly when outdoors, by the usage of absorbent underwear.


'Off Period Poverty'

Onpery® is reducing period poverty, by making reusable menstrual products (with a few proprietary designs) accessible regularly at a subsidized price, at local centres in the (adopted) financially underprivileged communities.


'Onpery Academy'

Onpery® is making children aware of children aware of different aspects of puberty (including menstruation), in an informative, engaging and age-appropriate manner, through proprietary Graphic Novels.