Knowledge Partner - 2

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If an Entity which is a part of any of our below mentioned ‘Social Initiatives’, and want to conduct a Session of Menstrual Hygiene, then it can connect with our Knowledge Partner – ‘2’ through us for the same. The Knowledge Partner further has to agree to conduct the Session as per their availability and other factors.

The content of the session will be primarily decided by our Knowledge Partner, in consultation with us and the Administration of the Entity.

If there will be any Communication Material to be handover to the participants, then those will be provided by us.

On case-to-case basis, the Knowledge Partner can also help in Distribution of Onpery™ Menstrual Cup, and if required other sustainable menstrual products as well.

Mode: Online / Offline
Duration: 1-3 hours
Fees: Nil. (If there will be any Operational Cost involved, then it will be take care by us (Care Form Labs Private Limited – Onpery™) or AIC – MIT ADT Incubator Forum, Pune).

Social Initiatives:

• Rural Community
• Academia – Rural
• Academia – Urban
• Corporate
• Orphanage

Content of the Session:

• Knowledge on Menstruation.
• Importance of sustainable menstrual hygiene.
• Pros and Cons of each menstrual hygiene product (Sanitary Napkins, Biodegradable Sanitary Napkins, Tampons, Biodegradable Tampons, Panty Liner, Period Underwear, Reusable Period Napkins and Menstrual Cup).
• Value of Onpery™ Menstrual Cup.



Care Form Labs Private Limited (Onpery™) reserve rights to make modifications to the structure of social initiatives without any prior update to any party; and open to any modifications / changes on case-to-case basis.