How to Switch?

Now that you know what a cup essentially is, how do you prepare yourself to make the big switch? For starters don’t feel pressured to make this decision. Menstruation plays a crucial part in a woman’s lifestyle and one has to be mentally prepared. Periods are personal experiences so the idea of introducing something new to your body can be challenging. 

Talk to a medical practitioner and get their opinion and speak to your peers who are currently using a cup. Once you make the switch take your time to get habituated and once you’re comfortable you’ll never want to go back.

Take a deep breath and relax so that your vaginal muscles loosen up. Do not try insertion in a tensed state of mind and make sure that you try the cup right before your cycle begins. Our research shows that a majority of first time users try using the cup right when it is delivered to them. Refrain from doing so because your vagina needs to have natural lubrication for the process to be seamless.

To first time users of cup, we recommend using a panty liner or pad in the initial days so that you remain mentally assured and stress free!