Frequently Asked Questions

Can a cup get lost inside my body?
The chances of this happening are zero since the cup enters a cavity-like structure inside your body. The cervix lies at the other end of it. Nothing can escape or pass through that.

Will I have to remove my cup every single time I pee?
You won’t have to worry about removing your cup every single time you pee. The pee escapes your body through your urethra. The cup cannot block or collect your urine while you pee.

Does it hurt once the cup is inside?
Menstrual cups are not supposed to hurt. Measuring your cervix can help you understand the length of your cervix. If a cup is causing discomfort, chances are that it is hitting the wall of your cervix. The Onpery cup is designed for menstruators with an average to low cervix. Its ergonomic shape ensures that the cup does not hit your cervix.

When should I measure my cervix?
The best time to measure your cervix is when you’re on your period. This is because you require a cup that works for your entire cycle. Your cervix moves throughout your period and never stays in one fixed place. You could also do it right before you’re supposed to get your period or when you’re on the last day of your period.

How do I measure my cervix?
You’ll need to insert your index finger into your vagina to measure your cervix. Before you do this, wash your hands with soap and make sure your fingernails are short and filed so that you avoid scratching or poking yourself.

What is my cervix supposed to feel?
Your cervix is supposed to feel like the tip of your nose. You can measure if you have a high cervix, average cervix length, or a low cervix with the help of your index finger.

How do I tell if I have a low cervix?
- If 3/4th of your index finger goes in and you can feel your cervix, you have an average cervix length.
- If half of your index finger goes in, you have a low cervix.
- If your entire index finger goes in and you’re able to feel the tip of your cervix, chances are you have a high cervix.

If you fall under the last two categories, try the Onpery® Menstrual Cup. The Onpery® Menstrual Cup is a redesigned novel cup, ideal for menstruators who have an average to low cervix. The innovative and ergonomic design of the cup makes the process of insertion & removal extremely smooth & intuitive for a transitioning user. The Onpery® cup is the first indigenous menstrual cup in India that has been recognized as well as awarded by credible sources.