While there are a variety of options available in the market, ONPERI Cup’s innovative and modified design is what makes it stand out. Also, ONPERI Cup is entirely designed, produced and packaged in India. Keeping in mind necessary Indian and International standards of material, quality and manufacturing facility. Months of research and customer feedback has gone behind every single detail. Right from its ergonomic as well as user centric design which ensures that it remains spill resistant to its price point. The design also happens to be curved-inclined which provides direction and gradual insertion. During removal, its flat face on opposite sides provides instant feedback to the seal when lightly pressed. This makes the cup more ergonomic for those with a smaller cervix. Its flat face provides instant feedback and breaks the seal easily while removal and its inward-inclined top rim reduces the possibility of spillage as well. ONPERI Cup does not contain any additional dye or color.