Product: Reusable Liner

Onpery® Reusable Liner

A Reusable Liner is a small piece of absorbent material used to absorb menstrual/vaginal fluid. 

Variants and Sizes

Onpery® Reusable Liner comes in one single size.

• Length: 17 cm



Onpery® Reusable Liner is available in the following packages:

  1. Pack of 3



Design Details of Onpery® Reusable Liner:


Novel bulge:
• To absorb instantly
• To reduce wet-sensation
• To guide the flow

Novel flutes:
• To guide the flow
• To resist spills

Generic Value:

• Rash-free
• Reusable for up to 2 years


Use case

a. Along with Menstrual Cup or Tampon as a backup/protection to absorb accidental leaks.
b. On non-menstruating days to absorb vaginal discharge to maintain a dry, fresh, and clean feeling throughout the day. Even though vaginal discharge is completely natural and rather important for your vagina (it is a part of your vagina’s self-cleaning technique), excess discharge can stain your panties (or your bottoms) and make you feel wet and uncomfortable. A workout (heavy lifting, jumping and other activities) can increase the  vaginal discharge, using a Reusable Liner during a workout session can ensure you get a dry and pleasant experience.
c. On medical conditions like PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease).
d. For postpartum bleeding, called Lochia. Lochia lasts up to eight weeks after childbirth and is harmless.
e. Protection against incontinence.

One can wear a Reusable Liner a few days before your period starts and after it ends. It will take care of the discharge or spotting, if any. 


Designed and made in India!

Designed, marketed and distributed by Care Form Labs Pvt. Ltd., India, an SDG-led consumer design company.


How to Use

Step 1: Wear

Reusable Liner has to be placed on the inner side of the Underwear (and wings are to be wrapped around the gusset of the Underwear).

If the Reusable Liner becomes wet,then don’t wear it beyond 6 hours. If the Reusable Liner is not wet while being worn, then change to wash it every 12 hours.

Step 2: Soak

After removal of the Reusable Liner, drop them in cold water for 5-15 minutes to soak or rinse them.

Step 3: Wash

If machine washing, first place them in a washable mesh bag and wash on a delicate or gentle cycle. To make your liner last, consider hand-washing with a mild detergent. If scrubbing, then scrub it very gently.

Step 4: Dry

Hang the Reusable Liner in an open and dry space in sunlight to help maintain the fabric's integrity. Avoid dryer or iron on it.

Step 5: Storage

Store the Reusable Liner in a dry storage area for the next use.


Ways to Discard and When

Once a user finds the quality of the Reusable Liner to be degraded or has used it for up to 2 years, one can dump the Reusable Liner into a medical waste bin in a nearby medical clinic or similar place from where it can go into an incinerator.

(Above point similar to Period Underwear.)



Q. Why does the vaginal discharge happen?
This is caused by the influence of female hormones. It has an important protective function by keeping the vagina lubricated and preventing bacteria and other germs from entering the uterus. This is a part of the self-cleansing mechanism of the vagina.



Top (Moisture-wicking) Layer:


Middle (Absorbent) Layer:

Bamboo Fleece

Bottom (Liquid-proof) Layer:



Metal Button



• Indian Standard 17514 2021 (ISO 10993 - Biocompatibility Study).