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A Period Underwear is just like generic underwear but mainly with absorbent material inside to absorb the menstrual/vaginal fluid. 

Variants and Sizes 


a. Regular:

b. Detachable:
(The 'detachable' variant is currently only available for entities.)

















Note: Units are in inches.


Onpery® Period Underwear - Regular are available in the following packages:
a. Pack of 1
b. Pack of 3 or 4

Onpery® Period Underwear - Detachable will be available in the following packages:
a. Pack of 1
b. Pack of 3 or 4

The 'detachable' variant is currently only available for entities.


Regular Variant:

• Rash-free
• Reusable for up to 2 years

Detachable Variant:

• Rash-free
• Reusable for up to 2 years
• Easy to change/replace (without removing trousers or similar cloth)
• Size adjustable

Use Case 

The Period Underwear can be used as a primary or secondary/protection menstrual product.

Regular Variant:

1. Along with Menstrual Cup or Tampon as a backup/protection to absorb accidental leaks.

2. On non-menstruating days to absorb vaginal discharge to maintain a dry, fresh, and clean feeling throughout the day. Even though vaginal discharge is completely natural and rather important for your vagina (it is a part of your vagina’s self-cleaning technique), excess discharge can stain your panties (or your bottoms) and make you feel wet and uncomfortable. A workout (heavy lifting, jumping and other activities) can increase vaginal discharge, through which using a Period Underwear can make the workout session a dry and pleasant experience.

3. On medical conditions like PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease). 

4. For postpartum bleeding, called Lochia. Lochia lasts up to eight weeks after childbirth and is harmless.

5. Protection against incontinence.

6. Most ideal for the situation of menarche.

Detachable Variant:

Along with the points mentioned above, the detachable Period Underwear variant [Pack of 4] is ideal for menstruators who wish to use Period Underwear solely while menstruating, without any other menstrual product. The detachable/attachable mechanism helps the menstruators to easily change/replace (while wearing trousers and similar cloth) frequently.


Marketed and distributed by Care Form Labs Pvt. Ltd., India, an SDG-led consumer design company.

How to Use

Step 1: Wear
Period Underwear can be put on just like any regular Underwear. It can be used as a primary menstrual product or as secondary/protection fluid absorption product.

Avoid wearing Period Underwear as a secondary/protection menstrual product beyond 12 hours in a dry state. Don’t wear it beyond 6 hours in a wet state.

Step 2: Soak
After removal of Period Underwear, drop them in cold water for 5-15 minutes to soak or rinse them.

Step 3: Wash
If machine washing, first place them in a washable mesh bag and wash on the delicate or gentle cycle. To make your underwear last, consider hand-washing with a mild detergent. If scrubbing, then scrub it very gently. 

Step 4: Dry
Hang the Period Underwear in an open and dry space in sunlight to help maintain the fabric's integrity. Avoid dryer or iron on it.

Step 5: Storage
Store the Period Underwear in a dry storage area for the next use.

Don’t put it in dryer or iron on Period Underwear.


Ways and When to Discard

Once a user finds the quality of the Period Underwear to be degraded or has used it for up to 2 years, one can dump the Period Underwear into a medical waste bin in a nearby medical clinic or similar place from where it can go into an incinerator.


Regular Variant:

Top (Moisture-wicking) Layer:

95% Cotton + 5% Spandex

Middle (Absorbent) Layer:

80% Polyester + 20% Nylon

Middle (Liquid-proof) Layer:

Breathable PUL

Bottom Layer:

82% Nylon + 18% Spandex 

Detachable Variant:

Top (Moisture-wicking) Layer:

100% Cotton (Antibacterial)

Middle (Absorbent) Layer:

100% Polyester

Middle (Liquid-proof) Layer:

100% Polyester + TPU

Bottom Layer:

90% Polyamide + 10% Elastane


Regular Variant:

Certification/Study/Report on the product:
• Bamboo OEKO-TEX
• Bamboo SGS
• Organic Cotton OEKO-TEX
• Nylon OEKO-TEX
• Global Organic Textile Standard - GOTS
Certification/Study/Report on manufacturing unit:
• BSCI - Rating C
• Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit
• Global Recycle Standard - GRS



1. Can Period Underwear be solely used throughout menstruation? Can Period Underwear replace Sanitary Pads?
Yes. (Buy a ‘Pack of 4’ of the ‘detachable variant’.) There are several variations of panties to suit your protection needs. Purchasing a few Period Underwear can replace using Sanitary Pads throughout the day. One can simply use a set throughout a cycle. 

2. Do Period Underwear smell after a while?
Leftover blood/fluid can start to grow bacteria and may cause many foul odours. To avoid this, make sure to rinse and wash away all traces of blood before using or storing it.  

3. Can I put my Period Underwear in the dryer?
You can, but it is not best advised. In order to prolong the lifespan of any pair of Period Underwear, the best thing you can do is air dry them.

4. Can you wear leggings with your Period Underwear?

5. Can I wear Period Underwear in the pool?
No. A leakproof menstrual swimwear is made to be worn in the pool. Period Underwear in itself isn’t made to be used as swimwear, so no they can’t be worn in the pool or when swimming just by itself.

6. Are Period Underwear recommended for pregnant women?
Yes, they are recommended for pregnant women. In fact, many women find them to be invaluable both before and after childbirth. They’re ideal for postpartum bleeding and are softer and less irritating than generic Disposable Pads.

7. Can I wear Period Underwear if I’m prone to frequent yeast infections?
Yes, Period Underwear breathes better than the plastic material that most generic Disposable Pads are made from and should not contribute to an overgrowth of yeast.

8. Can I wear Period Underwear every day instead of regular Underwear?
It is possible to wear Period Underwear every day if you need that extra protection, but this will reduce the lifespan of the product. Some women find that the Period Underwear with the waterproof lining aren’t as breathable as they’d like, and they wouldn’t want to wear those every day. Overall, it’s a matter of personal preference.

9. Is Period Underwear sanitary?
Yes. As long as they’re cared for properly. Make sure to wash them regularly, and well, to avoid leaving behind blood stains that could start to smell. You should rinse them as soon as you are able to, until you get a chance to place them in the wash.

10. What’s a good age to start wearing Period Underwear?
Period Underwear is an excellent item for girls to start wearing during adolescence when they are expecting to start menstruating and beyond. Leaks that happen in school can be especially embarrassing and Period Underwear is excellent at preventing that from happening. So many women say they wish they had access to period underwear when they got their first period back in school! Any age is a good age for a menstruating woman to wear Period Underwear.