Initiative: Onpery® Start

Onpery Start


The initiative ‘Onpery® Start’ focuses on menarche cases in schools. The young girls may have their first menstruation (menarche) in school, and to provide privacy and avoid any social embarrassment, Onpery® is looking forward to connecting with the mothers of such young girls through school and further providing them with reusable Onpery® Period Underwear. One reusable Onpery® Period Underwear can last for up to 2 years.

Product in the initiative:
Onpery® Period Underwear

Target audience:

Mediator: Customer: Consumer:
School Mother Girl Child

• 100% privacy (avoiding accidental menstrual flow) in the case of first menstruation (menarche).
• Comfortable and carefree first menstruation (menarche).



Step 1.1: Registration
The school admin has to download the Project Proposal Letter (from Onpery’s website) and then will have to print 2 copies. Once the letter is printed, the school representative have to fill the information blanks highlighted in yellow colour; and then sign and stamp the ‘acceptance’ section at the end of the letter. 

Step 1.2: Email & Posting
Upon signing and stamping the letter, a scan copy of the same has to be emailed to Onpery®, Care Form Labs Pvt. Ltd. at; and 2 original hard copies has to be shipped at ‘Onpery®, Care Form Labs Pvt. Ltd., 23, Rd. No. 5A, New Pundag, Near Sail City, Jagannath Vihar, Ranchi (City), Jharkhand, India - 834007’. Onpery® upon receiving the copies, a representative from Onpery® will sign-stamp and ship one of the hardcopies back to the school.

Step 2.1: Communication to teachers
Onpery® will provide/ship printed leaflets (that will act as communication material regarding the ‘Onpery® Start’ initiative and reusable ‘Onpery® Period Underwear’) to the class teachers (or any other representative) of standard 5 and standard 6.

Step 2.2: Communication to girls
The class teachers will further circulate the leaflet to the girls studying in standard 5 and standard 6; and will ask the girls to pass the leaflet to their mother.


Step 3: Adopting/Purchasing
The mother will learn about the initiative and product, through the leaflet, and visit Onpery’s website where the product can be purchased by them for their girl child.

Step 4: Usage
The girl child can now wear the Onpery® Period Underwear in school and other places, to have private and comfortable menarche.

If the school wishes, then the school can directly purchase the green menstrual products (Onpery® Period Underwear: 699 INR for Pack of 1) from Onpery® at a discounted price, to accelerate the initiative and impact.

Information on the product:

Onpery® Period Underwear.

Contact form:

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