Initiative - Onpery® GreenCampus


'Onpery® GreenCampus' initiative is about enabling campuses / institutions / workplaces providing access of innovative sustainable (green) menstrual products, to the menstruators directly associated with them with 100% money-back guarantee, for them to explore and adopt the green menstrual products easily. Also, 25% of the revenue from the sale of cups will be donated.

Changemakers / Campus Ambassadors can reach out to us at who wish to implement the initiative at their campus / institute / workplace.

Onpery’s Commitment:

a. 25% of the revenue will be donated for 'Onpery® Care' initiative (that is about providing free green menstrual products to financially underprivileged menstruators), from the sale of Onpery® Menstrual Cup.

b. 100% money-back guarantee, if the consumer is not able to use the product after purchase. This doesn't include the transportation cost and only applicable for B2C channels and not for B2B or B2G.

Check Onpery's Policy Page for more details.


More details about the ‘Onpery® GreenCampus’ will be uploaded soon.