Q. Will one lose virginity if using a cup?

No. One is not a virgin only when one participate in penetrative sexual intercourse. Hymen is a thin piece of tissue that fully or partially covers the vagina. It can also get worn away gradually due to activities like playing sports or cycling. In fact, there are some girls who are born without a hymen. Using is cup is nothing to do with virginity.


Q. Can a cup get lost inside the body?

No. The cup enters a cavity-like structure inside your body. The cervix lies at the other end of it. Nothing can escape or pass through that.


Q. Does it hurt once the cup is inside?

Menstrual cups are not supposed to hurt. Measuring your cervix can help you understand the length of your cervix. If a cup is causing discomfort, chances are that it is hitting the wall of your cervix. The Onpery cup is designed for menstruators with an average to low cervix. Its ergonomic shape ensures that the cup does not hit your cervix.


Q. Will I have to remove my cup every single time I pee?

You won’t have to worry about removing your cup every single time you pee. The pee escapes your body through your urethra. The cup cannot block or collect your urine while you pee.


Q. Will cup stretch the vagina?

The vagina is a wonderful organ and one can compare it to a rubber band. It will slightly spread when cup is placed but it will come back to its original position once cup is removed. Using a menstrual cup will not affect the size of your vagina.


Q. Will usage of cup cause infections?

Using a certified and medical grade menstrual cup will not give you an infection, if you are sterilizing it efficiently after each cycle. It there is any difficulty or pain in usage of cup then seek medical advise.


Q. What if the cup gets full and I forget about it?

A simple way of tackling this on the initial days is to set a timer. You must remember that the nature of a menstrual cycle varies from person to person. If your flow is normal to heavy, make sure you remove and reinsert the cup to get an idea. A cup can normally be used anywhere between 8 to 10 hours on a stretch.


Q. Does it hurt once the cup is inside?

Menstrual cups are not supposed to hurt however if you experience discomfort, consult a gynecologist. You cannot physically feel anything after the initial days which makes it ideal for sports and activities such as swimming.


Q. When to go for new cup?

We recommend replacing your menstrual cup every 3-5 years. You should replace yours if it has any cuts, holes, scratches, deformation or just isn’t in a good condition anymore.


Q. How to discard cup?

Dump it into a bin of bio-medical waste, may be in bins of hospital or clinic where medical wastes are generated, and there is will get incinerated; or cut the menstrual cup and burry it into the ground and it will get biodegrade in 50-500 years, depending on the conditions.


Q. If cup turn yellowish then is there any issue?

Silicone changing its colour (mostly yellowish) with time is a natural property of it and nothing to be concerned of.


Q. How to store?

When cup is not being used, store it in dry, cool and clean breathable pouch, with no sunlight passing through it and then keep the pouch into a closet or a drawer.


Q. When should I start using cup?

One can switch to a cup at any age of their menstruation years with a suitable size of the cup. Menstruator who are using Copper-T or have given birth in last 12 months are not recommended to use the cup.


Q. When should I measure my cervix?

The best time to measure your cervix is when you’re on your period. This is because you require a cup that works for your entire cycle. Your cervix moves throughout your period and never stays in one fixed place. You could also do it right before you’re supposed to get your period or when you’re on the last day of your period.


Q. How do I measure my cervix?

You’ll need to insert your index finger into your vagina to measure your cervix. Before you do this, wash your hands with soap and make sure your fingernails are short and filed so that you avoid scratching or poking yourself.


Q. What is my cervix supposed to feel?

Your cervix is supposed to feel like the tip of your nose. You can measure if you have a high cervix, average cervix length, or a low cervix with the help of your index finger.