Design Details


1. Easy Insertion
Onpery Cup when folded to insert inside the vagina, the proprietary curved inclination of the top-rim makes the opening folded area smaller. Due to the inclination, one side of the cup goes in first followed by the opposite side which makes the insertion gradual.

2. Easy Removal
Onpery Cup has a proprietary flat face at the front and back which when pressed for removal, instantly releases the vacuum, which in generic cups with convex face/wall is difficult. Also, the flat face provides a firm grip as compared to a convex face.

3. Ergonomical
A generic cup when placed inside the vagina hits one side of the cervix (particularly people with a lower cervix) causing discomfort or leakage. The vagina and cervix are at an angle which the proprietary curved inclination of Onpery Cup complements. This angle helps to maintain an equal gap between the cervix and the rim, making it ergonomical. Hence the chances of leakages & discomfort are lower compared to an average cup.

4. Spill Resistant
While removal the cup resists spillage. This is credited to its higher back height as compared to the front. It has horizontal ribs on the inside and at the back wall as well. The flat face at the front and back allows the user to form a firmer grip on the cup while removing it as compared to a usual cup with a convex wall. Along with this, two concave grooves have been provided at the bottom which allows the user to navigate the pinch after insertion/during removal. This allows the rim to completely open to form an airtight seal within the vaginal wall, This helps the user feel more secure if by chance the rim has not unfolded by itself.