Design Details

(1) Easier Insertion:

Novel curved top-rim
= Smaller top-rim area, compared to generic cup
= Gradual insertion

The top rim has a curved slant which ensures that the fold of the cup is small enough to aid ease during insertion. This makes the process smooth even for menstruators with smaller vaginal openings.


(2) Cervix-friendly:

Novel curved top-rim
= Ergonomic as per the angle between cervix & vagina

The cup does not hit the cervix due to the curved inclination in the top-rim which is designed to sit comfortably in the vaginal canal. This feature makes it ideal for menstruators who have an average to low cervix.

(3) Easier Removal:

Novel flat faces at front & back
= Instant breaking of suction
= Firmer grip

The flat faces at front and back makes sure that the vacuum seal is broken even when light pressure is applied to it. It also provides a better grip on the cup during the process of removal.

(4) Spill Resistant:

Novel ribs and larger height at back
= Resist spillage while removal

The back of the cup has ribs and the height is higher than the front, which prevents spillage during the process of removal.

(5) Easier Popping:

Novel concave grooves at left & right
= Help to pop (air-tight) the cup
= Avoid leakage

When the concave grooves at the base of the cup are lightly twisted in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction, it makes sure that the cup unfolds/pops and forms a seal (air-tight) inside the vagina.

(6) Intuitive:

Novel asymmetric design
= Semantical

Overall semantics of the menstrual cup helps the user build confidence by making them aware on how to interact with the cup, especially for first time users.

If user need to reduce the height of the cup, then a step has been given at the stem at guide use on where to cut.