Step 1

A Corporate reach out to us (Care Form Labs Private Limited – Onpery™) or we reach out to a Corporate in an Indian tier-1 or tier-2 city.

Step 2

If we have approached, then we reach out the Administration of the Corporate and let them know about Onpery™ Initiative (of making sustainable menstrual hygiene Accessible and Comfortable for all) and the value of Onpery™ Menstrual Cup.

Step 3

We sign an Agreement with Institution, of providing Onpery™ Menstrual Cup to all potential users under the Corporate at following price, for a particular period.

• Price: 390 INR per unit (40% discount on the MRP)

Step 4 (optional)

If the Administration of Corporate ask for a Session to be conducted on Menstrual Hygiene, then we will connect the Administration with our Knowledge Partners. One of the Knowledge Partner may conduct the session, online / offline depending on the availability and other factors.

Step 5

We share the Information with the potential users under the Corporate from Digital Media (Emails, WhatsApp, etc.) and / or Print Posters, through the Administration of Corporate.

The Information will have mainly talk about Product, Initiative and provide them an option to get the Onpery™ Menstrual Cup at a discounted price through Onpery Website by using certain Coupon. Buyers also will need to fill their ID Number while checking out, for verification purpose.



Care Form Labs Private Limited (Onpery™) reserve rights to make modifications to the structure of social initiatives without any prior update to any party; and open to any modifications / changes on case-to-case basis.