Table 1:
Generic Disposable Sanitary Napkin Vs Menstrual Cup

Generic Disposable Sanitary Napkin Menstrual Cup
One-time Use. Reusable for about 5 years.
5 years = 650 Napkins 5 years = 1 Cup
5 years ~ 3,250 INR 5 years ~ 399-999 INR
Up to 7 hours wear-time. Up to 12 hours wear-time.
Restricted outdoors travel. Longer and care-free outdoor travel.
Absorbs blood, hence wet. Collects blood, hence dry.
No Swimming. Difficult in sports. Swim-friendly. Sport-friendly.
500-800 Years to Decompose. Decomposable. (Converts into ash.)
May give rashes and odour. Rash-free. Odour-free.