Onpery® Care - Oriya Village, Hazaribagh

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Onpery® Care - Oriya Village, Hazaribagh

Chapter: April 2022

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Through ‘Onpery® Care’ of Care Form Labs Pvt. Ltd., the Oriya Village, ChurChu Block in the Hazaribagh City of Jharkhand became India’s first village to adopt green/sustainable menstruation from the product reusable period underwear where maximum menstruators adopted reusable ‘Onpery® Period Underwear’.

The financially underprivileged beneficiaries of the initiative in the village are indigenous (tribal) women artists who practice indigenous art forms called Khovar and Sohari art. Each beneficiary was given a ‘cycle pack’, each pack having 4 units of period underwear such that they can finish their entire menstrual cycle solely on the product. 

There are about 75+ menstruators in the village of which 66 menstruators onboarded to adopt the ‘Onpery® Period Underwear’. To this  44 menstruators have received the product through two distribution and awareness cycles on 22/04/2022 and 04/05/2022. The remaining 22 onboarded or more menstruators will receive the product by August 2022. The beneficiaries' age group is 13 to 40 years.

• Sponsor: Sundara Fund, USA and Care Form Labs Pvt. Ltd., India
• Awareness Partner (local institute): Sohrai Mahila Samiti, Hazaribagh

Experience of the Beneficiaries:
A few beneficiaries in the Oriya village earlier used regular clothes during menstruation and the majority used generic disposable sanitary pads. In the village, there is no facility to properly dispose of pads and hence the menstruators would bury the pads leading to soil pollution, or would simply burn it along with other regular waste leading to air pollution. The menstruators did hesitate to use regular reusable sanitary pads, mainly as they find it difficult to dry them out in the open. Reusable period underwear solves the semantic/form-based problem of regular reusable sanitary pads, as the period underwear is very similar to just another underwear but with an absorbent layer in it,  which is socially much easier to dry in an open space.

“The experience with Onpery®️ period underwear is really great. It is totally comfortable and no leak happened on my dress, even while sleeping at night. It is easy to wash and doesn’t feel like I am wearing anything additional like I used to feel with pads” said Satya Rupa Kumari, a beneficiary of the initiative.

“The underwear was good. Didn’t need to use pads throughout cycle and I’ll continue using the period underwear only” said Gano Devi, another beneficiary of the initiative.

Many beneficiaries as and when they got their period after the distribution, have started using the Onpery®️ period underwear solely, during their menstruation, and found it so comfortable and particularly economical that they are looking forward to continuing using the product.

The period underwear can be used for up to 2 years and 1 cycle pack (containing 4 units) may replace about 390 generic disposable sanitary pads.

The ‘cycle pack’ with 4 units of period underwear which have been given to beneficiaries are good enough for them to pass their entire menstruation cycle without using any other secondary menstrual product.

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