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Biodegradable Pad is to be used in a similar manner as a generic disposable Sanitary Pad, but biodegradable pads are more eco-friendly and do not cause rashes.

In a lifetime a person may use 5000 to 6000 pads on average. If these pads are non-biodegradable then such generic pads take 500 to 800 years to decompose. On the other hand, Onpery® Biodegradable Pads are 95% biodegradable at 142 days and 95% compostable at 152 days.

Variants and Sizes

Onpery® Biodegradable Pads currently come in one single size.
• Length: 280 mm


Onpery® Biodegradable Pad is available in the following packages:
a. Pack of 30 units - 2 Cycles Pack


• Rash-free
• 95% Biodegradable at 142 days
• 95% Compostable at 152 days
• No irritation; Soft-touch

Use Case

A Biodegradable Pad can be used in all usual menstruating cases. It can be avoided for vaginal discharge or in case of any medical conditions in consultation with a doctor.


Designed and made in India!

Marketed and distributed by Care Form Labs Pvt. Ltd., India, an SDG-led brand company.

How to Use

Step 1: Placement
Remove the paper from the back of the Pad. Stick the pad firmly on your Underwear. Remove the paper from the wings. Wrap the wings around the sides of your Underwear and press firmly.

Step 2: Parts Disposal
Remove after use, wrap the pad in a waste paper and use a closed bin for disposal.

Step 3: Usage
Please replace the pad within 6 hours, and if the flow is heavy then it is recommended to replace every ~2 hours.

Step 4: Disposal
In order to decompose the Pad, you could also put it in a compost pit/bin and cover it with a layer of soil.

Since composting is not always an option, one must wrap it in waste paper and throw it in a closed bin, like wet waste to decompose. Do not use an open bin for disposal.

Do not flush/incinerate the Pad or any of its parts. 

Ways and When to Discard

(Mentioned in Step 4 of the ‘How to Use’ section.)


The Onpery® Biodegradable Pads are 95% biodegradable and 95% compostable.
• The primary fibres are made from bamboo.
• Does not contain potential carcinogens like dioxin, chlorine, other bleaching agents, artificial perfumes and gels, among others.

Onpery® Biodegradable Pads are made from natural, unbleached bamboo fibres which are not treated with any harmful chemicals. The Pads are processed in an environmentally safe manner to ensure hygiene and consistent quality and do not contain potential carcinogens like dioxin, chlorine, other bleaching agents, artificial perfumes and gels. The fibres act as a super absorbent core, capable of absorbing menstrual blood flow for a comfortable experience and are easy on the environment after being discarded. 


On the product:
• 95% Biodegradable at 142 days (Test method: ISO 16929)
• 95% Compostable at 152 days (Test method: ASTM D6868-03)
• Microbial and toxic element test report.
• IS:5405-1980

On the manufacturing unit:
• Good manufacturing practice (GMP)


1. Are Onpery® biodegradable pads bulky?
No. The thickness and weight of the Onpery® Biodegradable Pad are pretty similar to that of any generic Pad.