Onpery® Care: Model 3 [Fundraise]

Onpery® Care
Model 3 (Fundraise) Methodology:

A ‘beneficiary representative’ apply to Onpery® to start a ‘project’ to get free green menstrual products for the ‘beneficiary’ associated with them; to which further the ‘fund outreach partners’ of Onpery® try to raise funds for the ‘project’. Once the required funds are raised, then Onpery® starts the ‘project’.


Step A.1: Know about ‘Onpery® Care’ (Optional)
If a ‘beneficiary representative’ who lacks funds to purchase the Onpery® green menstrual products even at a discounted price, and wants to know more about the initiative ‘Onpery® Care’ and/or discuss any potential project(s) that can be done or have a project in mind for which they want to represent the beneficiary, can simply write a brief about it and email at onpery@careformlabs.com.


Step B.1: Registration
The ‘beneficiary representative’ who lacks funds to purchase the Onpery® green menstrual products even at a discounted price, can download the Letter of Intent Document and Declaration Document (from Onpery’s website) and then the ‘beneficiary representative’ will have to print 2 copies each of both the document. Once both the documents are printed, the ‘beneficiary representative’ has to fill in the information blanks highlighted in yellow colour; and then sign and stamp at the end of the documents. 

Step B.2: Email & posting
Upon signing and stamping both the documents, a scanned copy of the same has to be emailed to Onpery®, Care Form Labs Pvt. Ltd. at onpery@careformlabs.com; and 2 original hard copies each of both the documents have to be shipped at ‘Onpery®, 23, Rd. No. 5A, New Pundag, Near Sail City, Jagannath Vihar, Ranchi (City), Jharkhand, India - 834007’. Onpery® upon receiving the copies, a representative from Onpery® will sign-stamp and ship one of the hard copies back to the ‘beneficiary representative’.

If the ‘beneficiary representative’ want to get a few samples of the Onpery® menstrual products, to share with the potential ‘beneficiary’ and accordingly get an understanding of the quantity of different Onpery® menstrual products required which need to be mentioned in the Letter of Intent Document, then the ‘beneficiary representative’ simply have to purchase it online. In case of any queries, one can reach out at onpery@careformlabs.com.


Step C.1: Fundraising
As per the Letter of Intent Document submitted by the ‘beneficiary representative’, Onpery®, Care Form Labs Pvt. Ltd., through the ‘Fund outreach partner(s)’ will try to raise funds for the submitted ‘project’.

a. Onpery® and/or its associate doesn’t give any guarantee that funds will get raised.
b. Onpery® and/or its associate may try to raise funds for a maximum of 12 months from the date of signing the Letter of Intent Form by the ‘beneficiary representative’.


Step D.1: Registration (Optional)
Once the funds are raised by the ‘fund outreach partner(s)’ or prior, the ‘beneficiary representative’ may get an Onboarding MoU (from Onpery®).


Step F.1: Shipping awareness materials and samples
Once the funds are available with Onpery®, Onpery® will ship and/or email a set of communication materials and ship the product samples (Onpery® Menstrual Cup & Onpery® Period Underwear(s)) to the ‘beneficiary representative’ free of cost.

Step F.2: Communication to ‘beneficiary’
Through the communication materials and the product samples, the ‘beneficiary representative’ will make the ‘beneficiary’ aware of the menstrual hygiene and green menstrual products.

Step F.3: Beneficiary registration
The ‘beneficiary representative’ has to register each of the ‘beneficiary’ through a dedicated Online Beneficiary Registration Form (available at Onpery’s website), which needs to be filled each time for each ‘beneficiary’.

If the ‘beneficiary representative’ wish to take group/individual photographs of the ‘beneficiary’ which they registered, for social media sharing and other purposes, then the ‘beneficiary representative’ can download the Onpery Adoption Poster (available at Onpery’s website) and print them, such that each of the beneficiaries can hold it while being photographed.


Step G.1: Shipping products
Once all the ‘beneficiary’ are registered, the product(s) will be dispatched to each ‘beneficiary’ at their respective correspondence address mentioned in the Online Beneficiary Registration Form, by Onpery®, Care Form Labs Pvt. Ltd.

Step G.2: Photography & group feedback session (Optional)
The ‘beneficiary representative’ can reach out to the ‘beneficiary’ and assemble a few of them at a common place with the Onpery® menstrual products they received, for a group and individual photographs. Some of the ‘beneficiary’ who would have used the product till this session can share their feedback with the ‘beneficiary representative’.


Step H.1: Feedback
Onpery® team will reach out to the ‘beneficiary’ on their phone numbers and/or other contact details to register their feedback on the Online Feedback Form (available on Onpery’s website).

Upon satisfactory completion, the project will be declared closed by Onpery® or as per the date mentioned in the MoU/Declaration Document.

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