My journey to discovering my ideal menstrual cup.


Over the years, I have used several menstrual cups. What this naturally indicates is that none of them worked out for me. My biggest annoyance was the leakage I would face and the dissatisfaction I would experience would constantly bug me. I was convinced that the fault lay with me. Later on, I stumbled upon the Onpery menstrual cup and decided to give the menstrual cup a chance. It was brought to my attention that the cup was specifically designed for menstruators with an average to low cervix. The ergonomic design made it easier for transitioning users to get used to the process of insertion and removal. I was unable to understand what a low-lying cervix was and thus began my research. For the longest time, I was unaware that my cervix tends to move lower during my period. I was positive that there were many menstruators out there who had a low-lying cervix but never knew about it. Just like me.

- Prachi Talesara

What is a low cervix & how to measure it?

A cervix is a narrow tunnel-like space between the uterus and vagina. Your cervix can displace a little bit higher or lower depending upon your period and the best time to measure it is right before your period. You can determine your cervix height at home with a simple process. Insert your index finger inside your vagina and try to feel for your cervix. Make sure that your hands are washed with soap before measuring your cervix. Your cervix is supposed to feel like the tip of your nose. If your finger remains inserted till the mid-knuckle, you are most likely to have a low cervix. Knowing the height of your cervix will help you pick the right cup for you in the long run.

When it comes to menstrual cups, one size fits all is not the case. Cups can be uncomfortable for menstruators who have a low cervix. Regular cups tend to hit against the cervix and cause pain or leakage. If you have faced a similar experience, maybe it's time to try something new. The Onpery menstrual cup has a unique and innovative design that includes a curvy inclined rim, increased back height, and a shorter stem. That prevents discomfort and leakage during your periods. 

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Happy switching!